Rug Care & Maintenance

Vacuum Often!

Tufted rugs look their best if you gently vacuum them on a regular basis. DO NOT use your vacuum cleaner's rotating brush, as it will damage the looped yarns. It is normal for the rug to shed fibers or for stray loops to come unfurled. Trim any loose yarns with sharp scissors if you wish. 

In-between vacuuming, you can turn the rug over and gently beat the backside so that loose dirt & snack dust falls out. 

Keep in mind that rugs lovingly used in the home will show signs of wear - that's part of their charm! 

Stain Removal

It happens! For best results, try to treat stains immediately. For dry stains, gently scrape and then vacuum clean the residue. For wet stains, lay a wet towel over the spot to dampen the stain, taking care not to wet the rug too much. If soap is necessary, use a neutral soap free of dye and be sure to thoroughly remove the soap residue. Do not scrub or agitate the fibers.  


Velcro Hanging Guide

Give your rug some time to rest on the floor after it has been rolled for several days during shipping. I put heavy objects on the face of the rug to flatten it out at the edges.

The soft, “loop” side of the Velcro is glued to the top and bottom of your rug. The rough “hook” side of the Velcro will be stapled or nailed to the wall. Position the top piece of hook Velcro where you would like the piece to hang and affix it to the wall. Staple or nail the Velcro at both ends and at several points along the length of the strip.

You don’t have to position it perfectly straight on the wall; the beauty of Velcro is that you can tweak it to your liking. When repositioning the rug on the wall, it's best to slide your hand between the two layers of Velcro to break the connection rather than yanking directly on the rug - this puts stress on the adhesive bond. After you’ve got the first strip situated, attach the second strip to hold the other end of the rug flat against the wall.